Michael O'Brien mob at
Wed Dec 12 11:13:19 PST 2007

I've got a question about how user defined namespaces should resolve 
inside of packages.  This is really an ES4 implementation question and 
not a usage question.


package one {
    public namespace blue = "http://blue"

package one {
    use namespace blue
    blue var x :int

package two {
    public namespace blue = "http://blue"

package two {
    use default namespace blue
    blue var x : string

This fails to compile as the two "blue var x" declarations have 
different fixture types. So this implies that variable declarations 
inside packages that have namespaces with identical URI => are not 
defined with any package qualification. ie. the namespace is the only 
qualification. This is what I expected, but just
wanted to confirm this.

Also, I noticed in the RI that you can't have namespace (and other) 
declarations outside of a "package {" block. ie.

namespace blue
package {

will fail to compile, but put the namespace declaration inside of 
"package {" and it works. Surely, these declarations should be allowed 
outside an explict package declaration due to the fact that there is an 
implicit "package {" around global declarations?

Michael O'Brien

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