Is this-propagation as written useful?

liorean liorean at
Sun Dec 2 03:07:49 PST 2007


Just looking at the this-propagation stuff, and what struck me
immediately is that the absolutely most desired use case to cover is
not at all covered. That use case would look something like this:

    function moveLeft(){
        setTimeout(moveLeft, delay);

Where moveLeft wants to access to change the position of the element.

Another similar use case that is not covered is sending this-bound
methods as callbacks.

Frankly, I think these two use cases dwarf the use cases for
this-propagation with named function calls where the function name has
to be a local of a shared scope. When people have questions related to
scope handling and the this-value, in my experience ALL such problems
stem from uses of eval, uses of Function/setTimeout/setInterval, uses
of with or the various ways of doing event handlers. I've yet to see
anybody posting a problem they have in this area which is actually
solved by the very limited this-propagation ES4 adds, and I've been an
active member in many JavaScript mailing lists and forums since before
ES3 became a standard.

In my opinion, this proposal should be extended in such a way that you
can actually do
    setTimeout(fn, delay);
and have the this-value delegated. Even better if the proposal allowed
    setTimeout(this.fn, delay);
    setTimeout(a.b, delay);
with the this-value set to the original this when the function was
called in the first case, a in the second case.

The naive way of doing that would be to make member lookups return a
delegate object remembering the parent instead of a plain function
object. If called as a regular function call, it would use the
delegated parent. If no such parent existed, it would use the current
this-object (not the global object, unless the local this-value is the
global object). I suspect doing that might be a security problem
however, besides potentially breaking live scripts.

Another way might be to introduce a keyword for explicit this-delegation:
    setTimeout(delegate this.fn, delay);
or simply a binding function:
   setTimeout(this.fn.bind(this), delay);
or a more full-fledged delegation mechanism:

ES4's this-propagation at this moment seems to be extremely limited in
use, and specifically tailored to avoid the use cases where
this-propagation is most desired, judging from real-world problems.
David "liorean" Andersson

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