Some bugs of Spec.

Garrett Smith dhtmlkitchen at
Wed Aug 22 13:11:47 PDT 2007

> Hi,

> Updated grammar posted at (new location):
> Thanks again for the bug reports.
> Also, we have no plans to write an LR(1) grammar for ES4. I'm not even sure
> it is possible. Are you volunteering? :)

I would help out with documentation where I can.

I have read the JLS and most of the W3C docs. I find the current LR
grammar of ES 3 doc to be less intuitive than these.

I'd like to see working examples that clearly exhibit the language.
Ideally, examples from the tests, so that it's in-sync. I prefer
examples so I can tell what works, what doesn't, and get a clear
explanation right next to a working example that I can run.

I'm still learning about ES4, though. if you hand things off to me, I
could write stuff up but it would need review.


> Jd


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