What is "unit"?

Brendan Eich brendan at mozilla.org
Fri Aug 10 10:53:42 PDT 2007

Great questions. The proposal has evolved a bit, so please forgive  
the moving-target nature of the page available now at


(BTW, this is the new and as far as I know world-readable location of  
the dokuwiki we've been using for proposals, discussion, and spec  
prototyping. It's almost read-only now, since the reference  
implementation, trac bug-ticket database, and real spec documents are  
more the collective source of truth.)

There's more work to do, including rationalizing and minimizing  
concepts including units and packages. A couple of notes:

A package is a named pair of namespaces (public and internal), some  
rules for using those namespaces within the package body, and some  
special forms for importing names from the package's public namespace.

Program units are compilation units, so unlike packages, which are  
never "closed" and can be extended in a given trust domain, units  
come to an end at the right curly brace.


On Aug 10, 2007, at 2:29 AM, Shijun He wrote:

> I've read the presentation "The truth about
> JavaScript"<http://developer.mozilla.org/presentations/eich-ajax- 
> experience-2007/>
> by Brendan, there are some code:
> use unit acme.widgets "http://acme.com/widgets";
> unit acme.widget {
>     // program unit definition goes here
>     ...
> }
> What is the "unit" for? What's the relation of "unit" and "package"?
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