Internet Explorer 8 and Other Browsers?

zwetan zwetan at
Fri Aug 3 05:10:16 PDT 2007

On 8/3/07, Garrett <dhtmlkitchen at> wrote:
> So IE is going to ship with ScreamingMonkey? Or is this an extension that
> can be added?
> .
> If it's an extension, it won't be very useful for web development because
> average users can't be expected to install it.
> I'm asking because if ES4 will run in Mozilla only, I can't use new features
> on cross-browser apps.

well first don't be so much excited, even ES4 in mozilla, that's not
for tomorrow
(I wish it will be we wll need to be a little more patient)

for the extension, I don't see what would prevent to make IE ask to install
that extension to the user if they don't have it, could work as a
plugin I guess.

a cool thing would be for Adobe to include this screamingmonkey extension
with the flash player install.
And if this happen, well anything goes :)


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