A few questions and suggestions.

Thiago Silva tsilva at sourcecraft.info
Mon Apr 30 10:59:38 PDT 2007

On 4/30/07, Peter Hall <peter.hall at memorphic.com> wrote:
> ok, in that case it doesn't make much sense to do any work to support
> evaling any source string from toSource().
> Peter

But, isn't this kindda odd? I mean, knowing what eval() do and what
toSource() do, one assumes that they can (should?) be interoperable.

I belive that the code such as "eval(eval.toSource())" emitting an
error breaks a presumable consistency. I know that being unable to
actually have a native source evaluated already breaks this
consistency, but injecting an invalid syntax string in it's source
seems too much to me.

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