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On Monday 30 April 2007 12:59 am, zwetan wrote:
> On 4/30/07, Alex Russell <alex at> wrote:
> > On Sunday 29 April 2007 6:15 pm, zwetan wrote:
> > > I think that if every ES4 implementation use Tamarin(avmplus) to
> > > run ES4/AS3 bytecode,
> > > then this is already covered no ?
> >
> > Why does that make sense? Unless you assume that ES4 will be
> > significantly less successful than ES3, I can't see why this would
> > be true.
> the way you turn your phrase make no sens...
> I'm talking about the actionscript bytecode (~= ES4 bytecode) 

AFAICT, no bytecode specification has been proposed for ES4. Tamarin's 
internal representation of ES4 (and whatever debugging it provides from 
that) are only related to the problem of debugging ES4 in the wild 
insofar as it becomes a successful implementation in the marketplace.

> that already provide debug infos and hooks,
> and this can already be used in Tamarin and the Flex debugger, even
> if ES4 is not successfull it doesn't change the fact that this
> bytecode can already be debugged.

Right, but that doesn't address what to me seemed the primary concern of 
the original note that Erik forwarded, namely that it would be 
desireable if all ES4 interpreters/runtimes provided a set of unified 
interfaces into this data.

That it can be done on Tamarin today doesn't imply that the problem of 
handling debugging across VMs is solved. If we expect ES4 to succeed, 
there will be (almost by definition) many more implementations than 


> care to elaborate your comment ?
> cheers,
> zwetan

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