some generator issues

Neil Mix nmix at
Sun Apr 22 13:56:53 PDT 2007

>>> Other methods rely on
>>> some sort of generator manager (shift the responsibility to the code
>>> handling the generators rather than within them) or using global
>>> generator vars (which would force the generators to be specific  
>>> to the
>>> script containing those vars), both of which aren't ideal in the  
>>> above
>>> use case.
>>> I'm unaware of a Python solution to this issue.
>> Hard to standardize an argument; don't want another keyword.
>> Suggestions?
>> /be
> I was thinking of adding another property to the arguments object.
> Perhaps, arguments.generator. The value for this property would be  
> null
> (or undefined) if the function isn't a generator function.

Something like this would be great.  In practice, this particular  
suggestion might be a tad unwieldy:

function foo() {
	var gen = arguments.generator;
	var command = new AsynchCommand();
	command.onResult = function(result) {
	var result = yield;
	// do something with the result

The unwieldy part being that you're required to set  
arguments.generator to a local var because otherwise the arguments  
object gets masked.  But this could be simplified a little if you  
could obtain a send() delegate directly from the generator object:

function foo() {
	var command = new AsynchCommand();
	command.onResult = arguments.generator.delegate();
	var result = yield;
	// do something with the result

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