TG1 Phone Conference 27-Sep-2006 (Wed), 10:00 AM (Pacific Time)

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Wed Sep 27 08:38:57 PDT 2006

I've got a few clarifying questions as we implement the type system. Perhaps
we could quickly cover these in the call today?


1.    Are all types also objects at runtime? Can you reflect on types as
well as instances?

2.    If so, are all the type objects of the type "Type"? 

3.    If so, then the type of "Type" must be "Type" also. Agree?

4.    Is the super class of the Integer type, "Number?

5.    Is the terminal super class of all types "Object"?

6.    What is the type for uint?


Lastly, a question regarding class properties. Is it valid to access class
properties via [] or can they be accessed only via dot?


Michael O'Brien



From: Jeff Dyer [mailto:jodyer at] 
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Subject: TG1 Phone Conference 27-Sep-2006 (Wed), 10:00 AM (Pacific Time)


Here is the dial-in information for our phone conference tomorrow at 10:00
AM (PT):


Tel: 866 705 2554 (us), 913 227 1201 (int'l)

Participant Passcode: 548041


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