link on the generators page, question about yield

Neil Mix nmix at
Tue Sep 19 19:59:35 PDT 2006

Oh, and I have no question about yield.  I answered it myself while  
writing the email.

On Sep 19, 2006, at 8:53 PM, Neil Mix wrote:

> One of the PEP links on the generators page is incorrect -- it  
> points to PEP-324 which is about launching sub-processes.  (It  
> should really point to PEP-342.)  Further confusing things is that  
> the similarly-named PEP-234 just happens to be about iterators, and  
> it also just happens to be linked from PEP-255, which is in turn  
> linked from the generators page.  In a rare combination of bad  
> circumstances and uninformed reading, someone could hypothetically  
> make a faulty assumption about where the bad link is supposed to  
> point, and therefore fail to comprehend how trampolining can be  
> used to implement stackless threading.
> When said reader finally reads the correct document and spends some  
> time grokking it, I'll bet he decides that generators are  
> sufficient and there's no compelling reason to push for a more full- 
> blown concurrency mechanism.  But he might also be too embarrassed  
> to publicly admit his earlier gaffe.
> Hypothetically speaking, of course.
>   -Neil
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