Type parameters

Burak Emir Burak.Emir at epfl.ch
Wed Sep 6 08:32:17 PDT 2006

Nicolas Cannasse wrote:

>>>Fortunately, there is already big a good amount of papers written on
>>>both implementation and correctness of bounded type-parameters. That
>>>disables at least the first two points.
>>Can you give some references?
>I don't have any link there, but I assume that the appropriate work has
>been done before (and completed after) integration of bounded type
>parameters in Java.
+1 for bounded type parameters, but one has to take case of some 
undecidability results (Fsub) lurking in this area.

I would not say that research is finished on this topic. See the 
following paper and its references for some examples on why bounds matter

doc icon Burak Emir, Andrew Kennedy, Claudio Russo and Dachuan Yu. * 
Variance and Generalized Constraints for C# Generics*
In Proceedings of the 20th European Conference on Object-Oriented 
Programming (ECOOP), Nantes, France, July 2006.


Of course, there is a rich, established type theory for lambda calculus, 
a nice-to-read entry point is Cardelli and Wegner "On understanding data 
types, abstraction and polymorphism" 


Burak Emir


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