Type parameters

Peter Hall peterjoel at gmail.com
Wed Sep 6 07:45:54 PDT 2006

> Perhaps I am mis-parsing this sentence. It sounds like you're saying:
>    'Api' is only going to want to use methods of 'Required', and
>     this is no good because 'Api' can only use methods of 'Required'.
> If that's what you're saying, I don't understand the problem. Api can
> only call the methods it's interested in. Seems fine to me. I'm probably
> misunderstanding.

It _is_ fine :-) However, this scenario is not possible without
bounding the type.

I think you are misunderstanding because what I am saying is quite
obvious, and maybe you are expecting that I am saying something

Dave Herman has covered all I had to say - and a lot more eloquently -
so I will leave it at that.

> I hate to sound like the broken record here, but can you give a concrete
> example?

I can't. And I promise not to mention this again until one is produced! :-)


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