Type parameters

Peter Hall peterjoel at gmail.com
Mon Sep 4 21:23:54 PDT 2006

I have a few questions/comments on this proposal.

1. I don't see any discussion about optional Type parameteres (default
values). Wouldn't you sometimes want to be able to something like

   class Factory.<A=Bar> {
        // etc

It is possible to work around this by extending the class with a
non-parametrised type, which provides the parameter. eg:

   class FactoryTemplate.<A> {
        // etc

   class BarFactory extends FactoryTemplate.<Bar> {   }

While this works great, it isn't symmetrical with function arguments.
It would be equivalent to creating additional differently-named
functions in place of using optional arguments.

2. I am also wondering about the implications of not being able to
enforce any constraints on the types that may be used a parameter. But
I'm struggling to find a convincingly realistic example where it would
be useful - so perhaps I will leave that alone...

3. How will static code be exectuted in such classes?

   class Example.<A> {

            // when does code that is placed here run?
            // and, consequently, can it determine A?

        static var a:A;

4. How would reflection implementations be affected by type
parameters? I'm thinking of AS3 here.

Apologies if my questions are naive - I am just an enthusiast in all this :-)


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