SML vs Ocaml for ECMA script spec.

Nicolas Cannasse ncannasse at
Tue Oct 24 05:31:46 PDT 2006

>>P.S. You guys obviously have enough taste to be thinking of using  
>>any ML for the language spec. So, I'm sure after you review all the  
>>facts you'll do the right thing again and choose SML.
> Flattery will get you everywhere ;-).
> We are agreed now on SML, using SMLNJ.  Our flirtation with OCaml was  
> based on convenience and familiarity, but as I noted in another  
> message, we were committed to using a small core language, plus  
> continuation support of some kind (for OCaml this meant a patch; with  
> SMLNJ, no patch).
> Dave will post to LtU soon, I'm sure.

Yes, the not-native support of continuations in OCaml would have maybe
been a problem. Even if I prefer OCaml - or even better my own NekoML ;)
- any language in the ML family should be enough powerful to express the


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