Interfaces without implementation are like a day without sunshine

Nicolas Cannasse ncannasse at
Tue Oct 24 00:19:30 PDT 2006

> We are continuing to find this a useful structuring tool, enough so  
> that my users are complaining that 'interface' and 'implements' are  
> the wrong terms.  They want 'interfaces with implementation' to be  
> called 'traits' (because that is how they intuitively think about  
> them) and that makes me realize that 'implements' should be  
> 'inherits' (or something similar).
> I don't like the idea of having 'interfaces' _and_ 'traits'.  That  
> seems overly complex.  It seems to me that an interface can be  
> described just as well by a trait with required (abstract) methods.

True... as long as you allow multiple traits inheritance.
What would be the differences with mixins then ?


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