Will there be a suggested file suffix for es4?

zwetan zwetan at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 00:56:28 PDT 2006

Hello all,

the first time I post here
my name is zwetan Kjukov, I live in France
I used JavaScript since it was available (Netscape Navigator 2.0),
ActionScript since Flash 5.0, JScript since ASP 1.0, etc.

basically I'm just a developper,
and hope that my comments will not be out of place.

Even if I agree with most what has been already said, I feel that an
ES4 extension
have to be defined.

JavaScript go with *.js, ActionScript go with *.as, etc.,
it would be usefull for developpers willing to share ES4 classes that their
tools/IDE support an additionnal extension like *.es (or any other) that all
tools vendor agree on.

As a dev I don't want to do a massive/reccursive file renaming
just to be able to share the classes, not because it would be hard
to do (any build tool or perl script could do it), but because it just does not
feel right with the language.

If I got a language that allow me to isolate host functionnalities in
so I don't need a preprocessor with #if #elif uglyness, then I also
want a language
and a tool/compiler/IDE that will not choke on different extensions.

Because I also want to be able to express with a a different extension
that those particular files are meant to be ES4 compatible.

I will just quote the ES4 wiki about standard library issues
"Whatever we do, we intend with the right package and other facilities
to support a standard library ecology."

having a common extension is imho a facility to help developpers from
different spheres to share code, or at least express the sharing aim.

ECMAScript as a name perharps sound like a skin disease,
but the real disease for a poor dev like me is to be forced to do
host-centric programming where I would prefer to do language-centric


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