Will there be a suggested file suffix for es4?

P T Withington ptw at pobox.com
Tue Oct 3 15:14:28 PDT 2006

My l33t h8x0r proposal would be:



On 2006-10-03, at 17:01 EDT, Steven Johnson wrote:

>> There are already variants of ECMA-262 languages that have
>> suffixes (.js, .as most conspicuous).  Let a thousand
>> suffixes bloom?
> I suspect this is precisely what will happen if we don't recommend a
> suffix.
> While it's true that tools should be able to discern based on content,
> explorer/finder/your-shell-name-here is much less likely to do so, and
> IMHO the ability to filter out ES4 files at this level is likely to be
> much more useful than the difference between ECMA-262 languages.
> ".es4" (or ".es", or ".js2", or...) are indeed kinda sucky ("like a  
> skin
> disease", indeed), but I'd much rather have one kinda-sucky-but- 
> standard
> suffix than 3 or 4 different ones (see: ".cp", ".cpp", ".cxx", ".cc",
> etc...)
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