JSON decoding

zwetan zwetan at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 16:54:21 PST 2006

On 11/2/06, Brendan Eich <brendan at mozilla.com> wrote:
> Does anyone else have an opinion?

JSON as a standard is good because it's simple and is text-based,
so with that is not so much a big deal to implement in other languages
(because that's the goal right to communicate outside of ES4)
but as the PHP serialization it will not be enougth for more advanced
serialization/deserialization (ok maybe special case that do not apply
to everyone),
so what I would really want as a developper is other ways to do code
introspection in ES4.

For example, why not be able to obtain an XML-graph of an object structure ?
with E4X it would be trivial to serialize to any more advanced format needed,
but if there are no introspection functions to do that, developpers
will have few choices
to implement serialization/deserialization mecanism in ES4:
- use JSON and nothing else
- maybe use implementor/vendor non-standard mecanism (AMF, etc.)
- struggle and be stuck at the end

So my opinion, even if narrow focused, ok having JSON as standard in
ES4 is good,
but having tools inside the language to be able to implement other
serialization/deserialization mecanism is better.

Something as flash.utils.describeType in a little more advanced way and
defined as standard in ES4 would be perfect imho,
but ok perharps I'm asking too much.


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