Bob Ippolito bob at
Tue Jun 27 18:51:50 PDT 2006

On Jun 27, 2006, at 6:34 PM, Jeff Walden wrote:

> P T Withington wrote:
>> I am wondering if the new standard should encourage implementors  
>> to return a value with as much precision as the underlying  
>> hardware/OS permits?
> I would assume this doesn't really need to be specified and will be  
> assumed by implementers (at worst in response to user demands) as  
> much as is practical, but then again, I've never spec'd or  
> implemented a programming language.
>> Or, is there already a better, more accurate way to measure  
>> elapsed time?  Or, should there be?
> I was under the impression that the following was more idiomatic,  
> but I could be wrong:
>> var before =;
>> doStuff();
>> var after =;
>> var elapsedTime = after - before; isn't part of the standard... or if it is, it's not  
consistently implemented.


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