Concurrency support?

Nicolas Cannasse ncannasse at
Mon Jun 26 06:53:34 PDT 2006

> It's not obvious that this has huge implications for the standard
> libraries in ECMAScript as they stand, but this type of problem will
> tend to make libraries more brittle in general.
> The point I want to make is that we probably do not want to provide
> full continuations as an abstraction on which to build threads,
> coroutines, generators, exceptions, and so on, but instead to provide
> these other more controllable forms directly instead.

I agree that call/cc is not for the average user, and should be used
with the appropriate care. However, while it's important to provide the
different call/cc traditional usages (which you listed), it's also
important to provide the low-level call/cc access for users that want to
use it.

There's been a lot of creativity in the past years about the way of
using continuations. I think we can except new paradigms in the future
as well. As a compiler writer, I prefer to be able to directly use
call/cc in the generated code and libraries instead of rewrapping and
sometimes abusing the standard ES4 library.


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