Concurrency support?

Neil Mix nmix at
Sun Jun 25 15:30:48 PDT 2006

Hi all,

I've been reading the es4 pages and I'm really excited by the  
proposed language enhancements.  I'm looking forward to writing great  
software with this new language version.

I'm a little disappointed to see that there's no plans to address  
concurrent programming.  Is there any reason that concurrency is not  
specifically being addressed at this time?

FWIW, concurrency support (or more specifically, the ability to yield  
while waiting for an event) is easily the top item in my list of  
enhancement requests for the JavaScript language.  I've been building  
large-ish client-side "AJAX" applications for several years now, and  
I find it painfully difficult to debug asynchronous callbacks and  
read asynchronous code.  My wife, in particular, would like to see  
concurrency in JavaScript so that she might have normal conversations  
with me the end of my workday.

Any chance that concurrency support can be put (or already is) on the  


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