Nicolas Cannasse ncannasse at
Thu Jun 22 05:19:44 PDT 2006

> Isn't it really about shifting the syntactic burden? The discussion on 
> default values is interesting, but does not seem too decisive in the 
> question of having (T? and T) vs having (T and T!)

What is important is "what is the default" because of course most of the
users will go for the default. It makes a lot of sense to have
not-nullable values by default and helps a lot when developing and
documenting libraries. It's of course a big plus for security like it
has been discussed before.

As for values initialization, it should be enforced by the compiler.
This can easily be done for member and local variables by using some
recursive flow algorithm.

For static variables, I'm not fond of the runtime error and I would
prefer to force users to initialize their statics when declaring them,
or either use a nullable type.


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