Suggestions to triple quoted strings proposal

Stepan Koltsov stepan.koltsov at
Wed Dec 13 10:59:27 PST 2006

Brendan, or anybody else who wants multiline strings should to behave
like in Python,

Could you please write complex-enough example of code with TQS? In
that example string constant should be declared inside method inside
class. There is no good example at .

I used to write in Python, I hated its """ behaviour. I asked people
who use Python, and they generally agreed with me.

I'm afraid, that if you keep TQS "simple", they won't be very usable:
in 99% cases users will be forced to manually strip spaces and leading
newline. In 1% cases string constant will be defined outside block, or
amount of spaces will not matter.

I have no other arguments :)


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