Suggestions to triple quoted strings proposal

Stepan Koltsov stepan.koltsov at
Tue Dec 12 11:24:12 PST 2006


I've read proposal of triple quoted strings at

And I have two suggestions. I've sent them to Brendian Eich, and he
redirected me to this mailing list.

I suggest to change interpretation of triple quoted string.


I suggest to ignore first character of string if it is newline. So statement

messageTemplate = """
I've just...

should be equivalent to

messageTemplate = "Hello,\nI've just...\n"

, but not

messageTemplate = "\nHello,\nI've just...\n".

And second: to ignore same number of spaces as number of spaces in
the line where triple quoted string started. Example:

function query() {
    return """
    SELECT * FROM people
    WHERE date_created > ? AND disabled = 'N'

should be equivalent to

function query() {
    return "SELECT * FROM people\nWHERE date_created > ? AND disabled = 'N'\n";

but not as now:

function query() {
    return "    SELECT * FROM people\n    WHERE date_created > ? AND
disabled = 'N'\n";

I think that these improvements would make triple quoted string more
useful and easier. Hope, these suggestions will be added to proposal.

Stepan Koltsov

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