[Mozilla Enterprise] Problems with local file links since 68.3.0esr

Malte Riemer RiemerMalte at citeq.de
Wed Dec 11 09:16:10 UTC 2019


we use these preferences to start Word-templates from Firefox-Browser.

capability.policy.policynames = LocalFileLinks
capability.policy.LocalFileLinks.sites = [several internal websites]
capability.policy.LocalFileLinks.checkloaduri.enabled = allAccess

We use a workaround with pointing first on a LNK-file, which itself pointing on the actual Word-template.
Word-template is here:

è  Z:\public\msoffice\letter_template.dotm
LNK-file we link to from our internal websites:

è  Z:\public\msoffice\weblinks\letter_template.lnk

The lnk-file just link directly to the .dotm-file.

Some of these Word-templates have startup macros (e.g. an user form for getting input from the user). This worked for years. Since the last FF-update to 68.3.0esr these startup-macros does not work anymore. The template opens and you can start the macros manually, but not automatically - which is very important for the user.

This is so important for managing hundreds of templates.

Does anyone have the same problem?
Or even a solution or workaround?



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