Intent to ship: Normandy Enrollment Events trial

Michael Cooper mcooper at
Wed Feb 14 22:30:19 UTC 2018

*Basic description of the experiment:*
Recently, Normandy (Shield) added support
<> to log Telemetry Events
when enrolling and unenrolling users in studies. This code is currently
landed in Nightly, and has passed QA. As a final step before we call this
new data collection "done", I plan to run a small test study on Nightly.
This will set a non-existent preference
"testing.normandy-enrollment-events-test-1". The expected risk is extremely

*What is the main effect you are looking for:*
This is a test of the data collection utilities for studies. No changes
should be visible in Firefox telemetry, except additional events for the
enrollment and unenrollment from this study.

*What are the branches of the study:*
2 branches, setting the pref to either 1 or 2. Branch 1 will take 1/3 of
the population, and branch 2 will take 2/3 of the population.

*What channel and version?*
20% of Nightly for 2 days, and then reduce to 10% (to test unenrollment)
for another 2 days.

*Intended go live date:*
Tomorrow, Feb 15th

*Who is the owner of data analysis for this study?*
Me, Michael Cooper

*Who will have access to the data?*
Anyone with access to general Telemetry data (STMO)

*QA Status:*
Green, all tests have passed for Firefox 60
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