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Shane Tomlinson stomlinson at
Wed Aug 7 09:08:00 UTC 2019

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the interest in Firefox Accounts. We have not yet opened up FxA
to 3rd party services and are unable
to give out client_ids for services not owned by Mozilla.

Your best bet is to contact someone on the Pontoon team to ask if there is
a way to use Pontoon without FxA.
Adrian Gaudebert (agaudebert at is an engineer on that team and
may be able to provide direction.


On Wed, Aug 7, 2019 at 8:27 AM Alex Konetchy <konetchy at> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm a software developer working for HYTORC. We are setting up the Pontoon
> TMS for our company and I need a client id and secret to be able to
> authenticate our application. I'm struggling to figure out the correct way
> to obtain them, when I read its a manual process at the moment.
> The name of the application would be HYTORC but I'm still not sure what
> the redirect url will be. Is it possible to get these credentials created?
> I tried to create access credentials using
> but was unable to since I do not have an email. Is it
> possible to sign up for one?
> Thank you for the help. I've been struggling with this quite a bit to
> figure out how to correctly do it.
> Alex
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