verifier status

Lloyd Hilaiel lhilaiel at
Wed Jan 15 08:06:45 PST 2014

Yo all,

At present the new browserid-verifier codebase is ready for integration.  

API documentation:

Hosted API endpoint (development only):

Note: This integration environment is two m1.small instances behind an ELB, for a little bit more reality.

FxA assertion formats can now be upgraded, here is a description of most of the changes:

1. we use un-padded base64url encoding *everywhere* now
2. is now “sub”
3. “sub” need not be a valid email address (note the trustedIssuers argument to the verifier above)
4. all times should be represented in seconds from epoch instead of ms
5. keys are serialized with a top level `kty` key (key type) instead of `algorithm`
6. s/RS/RSA/ && s/DS/DSA/

Who on the FxA side can take a look at this today and assess the work to migrate?

I believe there are multiple little projects to track here:
1. (lloyd with ops help) deploy new verifier (milestones this week, next week, and the week after?)
2. (???) migrate data formats in native code (target next week?)

Hows this look?


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