Improving age verification

Karl Thiessen kthiessen at
Tue Aug 19 13:19:08 PDT 2014

I have a reply to this in my Drafts folder, but I'd like to sit on it for
at least 24 hours, because I like and respect Nick, and I recognize that
I am pretty deeply invested in this particular topic.  Frank and open
discussion is one thing, but I'd like to make sure I don't step over the
line into antagonism.

Nick, thanks for your note, and for making me think hard about this.


Nick Alexander <nalexander at> writes:

> On 2014-08-19, 11:50 AM, Karl Thiessen wrote:
>> I will emphatically refer Nick to bug 1031621 -- I disagree really, really strongly.
> Noted.  I'm not saying I don't think this is important; I'm saying
> that this is not an issue I feel strongly about *personally*, and that
> jumping through hoops to allow this is a bad investment for this team.
>> By December, we are denying 11/12 of 13-year-olds access to the
>> system with no legal reason to do so, which makes FxA entirely
>> useless for, just to pick an example, any middle-schools teaching
>> kids about how to create on the web.
> Sure.  We also don't support iOS users in any meaningful way.  With
> respect, we have to choose our battles.  "Choose your battles" always
> means "I want to choose your battles", and I tried to say that by
> emphasizing "my political *feathers*", which I see I typo-ed in my
> original email.
>> If we decide not to fix this, I want the person who takes that
>> decision to personally write a message to the filer of 1031621 and
>> explain to him why his participation on the Web is not important to
>> us.
> There are all sorts of ways to contribute to the web, and to
> contribute to the web at Mozilla.  Not all of them require Mozilla to
> safe-guard data deemed "sensitive".  The fact that we have to jump
> through mis-guided legal hoops is annoying, but not the biggest issue
> we have. In this particular case, non-action is reasonable: at a very
> clear future point (dependent on the user!), this is not an issue for
> any individual user.
> Nick

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