Improving age verification

Nick Alexander nalexander at
Tue Aug 19 12:22:46 PDT 2014

On 2014-08-19, 11:50 AM, Karl Thiessen wrote:
> I will emphatically refer Nick to bug 1031621 -- I disagree really, really strongly.

Noted.  I'm not saying I don't think this is important; I'm saying that 
this is not an issue I feel strongly about *personally*, and that 
jumping through hoops to allow this is a bad investment for this team.

> By December, we are denying 11/12 of 13-year-olds access to the system with no legal reason to do so, which makes FxA entirely useless for, just to pick an example, any middle-schools teaching kids about how to create on the web.

Sure.  We also don't support iOS users in any meaningful way.  With 
respect, we have to choose our battles.  "Choose your battles" always 
means "I want to choose your battles", and I tried to say that by 
emphasizing "my political *feathers*", which I see I typo-ed in my 
original email.

> If we decide not to fix this, I want the person who takes that decision to personally write a message to the filer of 1031621 and explain to him why his participation on the Web is not important to us.

There are all sorts of ways to contribute to the web, and to contribute 
to the web at Mozilla.  Not all of them require Mozilla to safe-guard 
data deemed "sensitive".  The fact that we have to jump through 
mis-guided legal hoops is annoying, but not the biggest issue we have. 
In this particular case, non-action is reasonable: at a very clear 
future point (dependent on the user!), this is not an issue for any 
individual user.


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