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+dev-fxacct I realized there may be more people who want in on this.

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> Ok, so, the Profile service is going from a dumb proxy of emails to an
> image crunching and serving monster. Let's ready the monster cage!
> # Overview
> 1. FxA UI will POST some binary image data at an endpoint.
> 2. The webserver will generate a unique id, and pipe that payload straight
> into a private S3 bucket, with the name of the id. Once the upload to S3 is
> complete, the webserver will add the id to an SQS instance.
> 3. We will have an SQS instance.
> 4. A different worker server will pestering SQS for new images to crunch.
> 5. When it finds new messages in the queue, it will download them from the
> private S3 bucket, resize them if necessary, and reencode them to ensure
> they're plain images.
> 6. The worker will upload the crunched image to a public S3 bucket.
> 7. That image should now be reachable from
> https://firefoxusercontent.domain/a/id.
> # Details
> - S3 - I'm assuming we'll need 2 buckets, 1 private for dumping "unsafe"
> images, and a 2nd public that can server image files through a URL.
> - SQS - Will need 1 so that webheads can alert workers when there are new
> images to crunch.
> - Servers - 2 kinds of servers: the web server runs in `bin/server.js`,
> and the worker runs in `bin/images.js`. They don't need direct access to
> each other; they will communicate through SQS.
> - Image Proxy - The thing to make the public S3 bucket have saneish URLs.
> - Domains - The web servers should be accessible from
> The images should be a different
> second-level domain. It may be that we already have a domain for this,
> since AMO and Marketplace have been serving user images for years.
> # ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
> - Building this in stage/dev?
> I imagine stage would be like build in prod, but dev tends to use
> dannyboxes. I'm not sure we'll have access to S3 and SQS and whatnot, so I
> have been writing a `local` aws-driver, which just uses a child process and
> IPC to crunch images, and an additional route to server them from.
> - Testing this in stage/dev?
> With a dannybox using a `local` driver, testing on dev won't exercise the
> whole stack. I guess that's what testing in stage is for?
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