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On Nov 27, 2013, at 4:14 AM, Ryan Feeley <rfeeley at mozilla.com> wrote:

> My recommendation for web is no new tab, just a basic redirect. We need to behave like a native sign in would. We can't offer a popover, but many sites do redirects (if just to other pages on their own site) for sign in. We're fabulous enough to also offer it for sign up, right?

I think "no new tab" for sign in and create account are good. We can add support to redirect the user back to the flow they started on the relying service after sign in/create account completes. 

If the user clicks on "Account settings" after she is signed in, that's different. It's less clear when and how to redirect them back. We should think about a new tab for Account Settings. It's what Google does.


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>> On Nov 27, 2013, at 6:28 AM, Shane Tomlinson <stomlinson at mozilla.com> wrote:
>> On 25/11/2013 22:38, Ryan Feeley wrote:
>>>> Interesting stuff!  Raises so many questions:
>>>> 1. If I click on “Account Settings”, what happens?  What URL ends up showing up in the URL bar?
>>> You will be detoured to something like accounts.firefox.com/settings, and returned back to the application when settings are updated and/or given a button/link to return back. I’ll continue on the FxA mgt UX tomorrow.
>> A detour to the settings page will come with the same problems we currently have with authenticating a user using Persona, e.g. if the detour occurs in-flow, apps will have to take care to save any state before redirection and we will need a way to get the original state back. If the detour occurs in a new tab/window/web view, the initial tab may be difficult to impossible to return to in certain browsers.
>> Technically, will in-flow redirection work on FFOS apps, or installed web apps on desktop/Android? Will CSP block this?
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