integration build

Jed Parsons jparsons at
Tue Nov 19 18:12:21 PST 2013

Hi, everyone,

Doug, the flows are *really* rough right now, but account creation and sign-in work, and we should be able to start integrating.

In the coming two or three days, expect lots of fixes to make this flow smoothly.

We got our server issues figured out today and can now execute a (very) rough but functional build with these gecko patches applied in asciibetical order:

And this gaia branch:

My test:
- Sign up in first time use with a new email address and password
- Verify email that arrives in my inbox
- Tried to get an assertion from a web app; rejected for not being certified (yay)
- note: there's no logout - delete gaia profile and restart :)

If you skip FTU, you can launch the Fx Accts Test app and open the flows from there.

The flow is rough, though by the time people in California read this, the bulk of our crew, which is working out of Amsterdam, Oslo, London, and Madrid, may well have had time to smooth things out.  The sun never sets on Firefox Accounts!

Cheers, everyone, and thanks for all your work to make this happen.  It's very exciting to be at this stage!  Please celebrate.
With gratitude and admiration,

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