FxA test server for FXOS devs (Was: Re: dev server is fixed (idp.dev.lcip.org))

Jared Hirsch jhirsch at mozilla.com
Tue Nov 19 06:57:30 PST 2013

This all sounds great. Thanks a ton, Ryan :-)

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On 19/11/2013 8:33 AM, Jared Hirsch wrote:
> Actions:
> * stand up a new test server awsbox at, say, dill.dev.lcip.org [TODO: who can do this?]
> * reuse current cert

Since we've been busily re-naming things on the server side already,
let's take this opportunity to make the dev environment look more like
the proposed production environment described here:


Today I will stand up the following servers in non-auto-updating mode:

 https://api-accounts.dev.lcip.org (formerly "idp.dev.lcip.org")
 https://scrypt-accounts.dev.lcip.org (formerly "scrypt.dev.lcip.org")

Please use these for your general development/testing needs. We'll keep
them up-to-date via manual pushes so that we're confident they'll stay

I'll also stand up a matching auto-updated environment:


You can use this to try out any bleeding-edge changes that might go into
the server, but don't be too surprised to find them burning on occasion.

I will set up redirects for the following existing URLs, but please try
to migrate away from them:

 https://idp.dev.lcip.org (now "api-accounts.dev.lcip.org")
 https://scrypt.dev.lcip.org (now "scrypt-accounts.dev.lcip.org")

Does this sound OK to everyone?

> * ensure all of the debuggers' public keys (all should be in the identity-pubkeys repo[1]) are on board

Luckily for Jared's intrepid debugging adventure this morning, these
keys are added automatically by our awsbox post-create hook :-)



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