FxA test server for FXOS devs (Was: Re: dev server is fixed (idp.dev.lcip.org))

Shane Tomlinson stomlinson at mozilla.com
Tue Nov 19 03:50:32 PST 2013

On 19/11/2013 04:29, Ryan Kelly wrote:
> But if folks hate it, do speak up.
>    Cheers,
>      Ryan

Thanks for making the URL updates Ryan. One thing that has been lost in 
the last day is route matching for URLS that contain 

The old URL to create an account was:


Fernando initially tried changing host name on device so the URL would be:


We were both seeing 404s when trying to create accounts.

Looking through the code, I could not find anywhere that referenced 
`/identity.mozilla.com/picl` or any snippet that prepended anything 
other than '/v1' to a route.

We found that we are able to create an account using:


Is this expected, or should the '/identity.mozilla.com/picl' namespace 
still be on the URL?

FWIW, there are a few references to `/identity.mozilla.com/picl` in the 
tests. I would submit a PR, but the tests fail for me after making the 
update. :/


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