bugs with fxa client/server

Fernando Jiménez Moreno ferjmoreno at gmail.com
Tue Nov 19 01:14:47 PST 2013


On 18/11/2013, at 22:38, Shane Tomlinson <stomlinson at mozilla.com> wrote:

> Hey all!
> Today I ran a little experiment to see how FxA would act if I applied all of the front end FxA patches [1] against a recent b2g build provided by ferjm. The result is kind of awesome[2].
> Here is the key outcome:
> * It is possible to set up a new FxA account from the first run experience on a freshly flashed phone. WOOHOO!


> Here are some not so great parts [3]:
> * Whenever re-starting the FTE flow after the account is created, queryAccount always returns "registered: false", meaning the user is always sent down the new user flow instead of the sign up flow.
> * If the user is not connected to the network, queryAccount does not return an error saying so, but response with "registered: false"

That's expected. "queryAccounts" is currently hardcoded since FxAccountsClient didn't provide a way to request this information to the server. I'll be adding that functionality today.

> * If the user is not connected to the network, signIn does not return an error saying so, instead it responded with "no token" or something along those lines.

That'd be also added today :)

> * If the FxA backing server is down (as it was today), signIn does not return an error saying so, instead it responds with the contents of the 500 page sent by the server.


> Again, the important outcome - WE CAN CREATE AN ACCOUNT! The other parts are cleanup.
> :D
> Thanks everyone,
> Shane
> PS - several of the patches in my branch there *ARE NEITHER REVIEWED NOR MERGED* so the final code will be different.
> PPS - Being that this is the first time all the things have been merged, there are some integration bugs.

Thanks Shane!

I'll be updating and sharing again the b2g build with the latest changes at the end of my day.


/ Fernando

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