How to land code without landing code in b2g

Jed Parsons jparsons at
Mon Nov 18 17:58:33 PST 2013

I think we can land the FxAccounts{.jsm,Client.jsm} bits with no worries

I feel the other parts are risky because we affect the code path that Persona takes on native (through toolkit/identity/MinimalIdentity.jsm [1])

And the gaia bits would require some kind of build config, since they can't access prefs; so that's unfortunately somewhat dissociated, which makes the new-features rule more complicated to follow on b2g.

But as far as gecko goes, hearing Gavin chime in with some encouragement makes me wonder whether I'm being too conservative in my concerns about the changes to MinimalIdentity.  Perhaps a pref would indeed be ok after all ... ?

[1] I do wish we had a different name for that module

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> On Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 2:26 PM, Jed Parsons <jparsons at> wrote:
> > 3. Work normally, but have a pref/build config for FXA on FXOS
> >
> > The latter (3) still seems risky to me.
> Why risky? This is typically how we hold features back. It's actually
> a rule that new features must be easily disable-able to ride the
> trains, though we don't always actually follow that rule in practice.
> Gavin

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