How to land code without landing code in b2g

Jed Parsons jparsons at
Mon Nov 18 14:26:05 PST 2013


We want to land our patches in m-c trunk and gaia master.  However, if we do so before Dec 9, they will automatically get uplifted into b2g 1.3, which we don't want.  What should we do?

According to jsmith, there is no way to flag a checkin in order that it *not* be included in a certain revision.

We appear to have several options:

1. Pursue reviews, but don't tag anything with 'checkin-needed' until Dec 10

2. Create a new branch to work in

3. Work normally, but have a pref/build config for FXA on FXOS

The latter (3) still seems risky to me.

If it's not too much trouble, I'm inclined to try to set up a new branch, and keep rebasing m-c.  I'm inclined not to work in the 'elm' branch, as I think it will be difficult to disentangle our work from other work being done there.

Thoughts?  Preferences?


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