FxA test server for FXOS devs (Was: Re: dev server is fixed (idp.dev.lcip.org))

Jared Hirsch 6a68 at mozilla.com
Mon Nov 18 13:33:30 PST 2013

Awesome, thanks Zach.

I'm hesitant to stand up the fxa-auth-server myself, as I don't know what extra stuff needs to be onboard. Any volunteers?

Here's a revised list of things to do and people to count on.

* stand up a new test server awsbox at, say, dill.dev.lcip.org [TODO: who can do this?]
  * reuse current cert
  * ensure all of the debuggers' public keys (all should be in the identity-pubkeys repo[1]) are on board
* ensure all the debuggers are watching the right Bugzilla component
* document this stuff in a wiki somewhere (but where?)

Debuggers currently are:
* GMT - Shane
* early PST - Jared
* PST/later - Zach, Danny, Ryan Kelly, Chilts

On Nov 18, 2013, at 1:19 PM, Zachary Carter <zcarter at mozilla.com> wrote:

> Hey Jared,
> I also have some experience with the auth server and would be willing to debug if Danny isn't around (later day PST).
> We have a wildcard cert for *.dev.lcip.org. I'm not sure the official policy for moving that cert around, but you can find it on the currently deployed instance.
> -z
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>> Subject: FxA test server for FXOS devs (Was: Re: dev server is fixed	(idp.dev.lcip.org))
>> There is another thread on this list about the Right Way to stand up staging
>> and prod envs, but IMO the simplest thing here is to get an SSL cert for,
>> say, cornichon.lcip.org(*), spin up a new awsbox, and just update it less
>> frequently/not auto-update on git commit.
>> Who can help with problems? The FxA server is a really simple node app, and
>> the log output is pretty good, so here's a suggested set of people that
>> could attempt to debug server issues for now: Shane (GMTish time zones),
>> Jared (early day PST), Danny Coates/Chilts/Ryan Kelly (later day
>> PST/NZ/Aussie time).
>> How to ask for help? Start with IRC, if that doesn't work, file a bugzilla
>> bug under Mozilla Services product / Firefox Accounts component. Everybody
>> who wants to help, watch that component.
>> Does this sound good? If yes, let's document it somewhere. If not, let's
>> iterate.
>> Jared
>> (*) continuing with the pickle-related naming theme ;-)
>> On Nov 18, 2013, at 12:18 PM, Jed Parsons <jparsons at mozilla.com> wrote:
>>> Jared, this is tremendously helpful.  Thanks also for documenting your
>>> debugging adventures.
>>> In our 12.30 identity staff meeting today, let's make sure we come away
>>> with a good plan for keeping a dev (sorry, 'test') server alive in the
>>> face of new use by the fxos crew.
>>> Cheers!
>>> j
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>>>> Asunto: dev server is fixed (idp.dev.lcip.org)
>>>> A few folks mentioned in this morning's FTE meeting[1] that they were
>>>> blocked
>>>> by server downtime over the weekend.
>>>> I poked at the server a bit[2], got it back up and running.
>>>> I'll start another thread to get some docs/clarity around how devs can ask
>>>> for help if this happens again outside PST business hours.
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Jared
>>>> [1] https://etherpad.mozilla.org/fte-identity-engineering
>>>> [2]
>>>> https://id.etherpad.mozilla.org/20131118-fxa-auth-server-debugging-adventures
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