11.15.13 Engineering Progress Report for Firefox Accounts and Sync.next

Chris Karlof ckarlof at mozilla.com
Fri Nov 15 16:31:00 PST 2013

Firefox Accounts wiki: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Identity/FirefoxAccounts
Sync.next wiki: https://wiki.mozilla.org/User_Services/Sync
IRC: #fxa, #native_identity

Firefox Accounts Cloud Services and Client libraries (Danny Coates, Ryan Kelly, Zach Carter, Vlad Filippov, Andy Chilton)
- Repo rename complete
  - picl-idp -> fxa-auth-server
  - firefox-account-bridge -> fxa-content-server
  - gherkin -> fxa-js-client
  - picl-gherkin -> fx-js-client-old
  - scrypt-helper -> fxa-scrypt-helper
- Designing "forceAuthentication" support for FxOS: https://github.com/mozilla/fxa-auth-server/issues/307
- Discussion on whether FxA should run its own BID verifier: https://github.com/mozilla/fxa-auth-server/issues/292
- Defined what the "principal" is on assertions backed by FxA auth server: https://github.com/mozilla/fxa-auth-server/pull/275
  - email + uid, exact format may be tweaked in the future
- Upgraded to MySQL 2.0 driver in auth server: https://github.com/mozilla/fxa-auth-server/pull/296
- /raw_password password reset endpoint: https://github.com/mozilla/fxa-auth-server/pull/249
- Return server timestamp to address client/server clock skew and resulting 401/Hawk errors: https://github.com/mozilla/fxa-auth-server/pull/233
- We will *not* try to obscure whether users have an FxA via our API: https://github.com/mozilla/picl-idp/issues/134
- Continued maintenance of python API client: https://github.com/warner/picl-spec-crypto
- Initial server milestone to support FxOS Dec 9 deadline: https://github.com/mozilla/fxa-auth-server/issues?milestone=4&page=1&state=open
- Meet and greet on 11/14 with WMF team to start WMF/FxA integration: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/wmf
- ckarlof had initial meeting with Legal to discuss FxA ToS
- Nick Chapman joins us from Services to help build FxA for the Web!
- Next steps: continue to work on Q4 production ready goals for FxA Cloud Services and support FxOS Dec 9 deadline, design FxA for the Web

Android (Nick Alexander, Richard Newman)
- landed FxA client in elm: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=892025
- landed some Sync 1.1 work to support FxA effort: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=922147

Desktop (Chris Karlof, Brian Warner, Mark Hammond, Tim Taubert) 
- FxA signed in module under review: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=909967
  - also supports FxOS effort
- FxA client under review: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=935232
  - also supports FxOS effort
- Mark Hammond has migrated more of the existing Sync tests to support FxA+Sync integration
- Next steps: land the above patches, plan for Milestone 1 Sync.next evaluation release, land FxA+Sync work on elm

FxOS (Jed Parsons, Zach Carter, Sam Penrose, Shane Tomlinson)
- Committed to b2g 1.4, we are still targeting landing MVP in trunk by 1.3 code-complete (Dec 9)
- Thanks to everyone on the team for continuing to push hard and work perhaps more than you ought to.
- Many UX questions resolved by stomlinson, jgruen (Bug 897600)
- jgruen, arog, and vishy in massive UX and product collaboration between WFM and FXA (w00t!)
- olav refactoring sign-in flow architecture (github)
- jgruen proposes UX for forceAuthentication (Bug 936741)
- FxAccounts.jsm feedback from ttaubert; updates by zaach (Bug 909967)
- FxAccountsClient.js feedback from ttaubert, rnewman; updates by zaach (Bug 935232)
- stomlinson, olav, borja, sergi expose gaia flows in FxA Test App (https://github.com/borjasalguero/gaia/tree/fxa_proposal_complete)
- stomlinson, borja, ferjm merging front-end UI with gaia system app (github: ferjm, borja)
- toxborrow, arog facilitating Product meetings with Wheres My Fox, Marketplace
- spenrose wrangling reviewers for gaia and gecko patches
- spenrose updating signed-in user module (Bug 909967)
- warner reviewed jwcrypto interface; jedp making updates (Bug 936146)
- ferjm performs massive overhaul of Gaia and Gecko system patches (Bugs 929388, 935245)
- ferjm achieves sign-in and getAssertion in gecko ( \o/ )
- Next steps: Functional alpha build targeted for Tuesday, Nov 19.  Will include:
  - Sign-up to create account
  - Sign-in
   - RP (like WFM or Marketplace) can get identity assertion
- Once ready, we will provide this as a nightly build for our partners to begin testing with.

Firefox Accounts Devops (Benson Wong, Gene Wood, James Bonacci, Peter Dehaan) 
- Proposal for prod and stage urls: https://github.com/mozilla/fxa-auth-server/issues/295
- Next steps: Start to build out provisioning logic
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