Firefox Accounts DevOps next steps for November

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Fri Nov 15 12:19:56 PST 2013


Been at the AWS:reinvent conference all week, just starting to catch up. 

I think the Q4 -> Q1 plan should be these things: 

 - get the app deployable in the new svc. ops scheme
 - enable dev/QA to deploy the same stacks that ops manages in production
 - lay the groundwork for more visible ops of production

More visible ops is that devs and QA will be able to see how the apps are performing in production. This is a new thing for us. The goal is so everybody has more clarity on how a service is performing in real life and hopefully make better decisions on improving it. The first steps will be to have more data and secondly make it accessible to everybody.

Tasks for turning FxA into the new Svc.ops scheme: 

- Switch from Awsboxen to Cloudformation. (Gene to lead)
- Switch to using the Svc.Ops EC2 AMI (ckolos to lead) - devs should use this too!
- Swap AMI configuration to puppet (ckolos lead)
- Package (rpm) based deploy, instead of github (mostlygeek to lead)

Once those are done, we'll iterate on the above to make sure Dev and QA can deploy the same stacks as ops. 

That should be enough for the next few weeks. 


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I've not yet gotten a FxA DevOps roadmap for Q4 -> Q1 but I will share one

I'm still working on the CloudFormation portion of the picture.
Benson is now working on packaging up the apps as RPMs
Chris is working on (or has worked on) the puppet provisioning.

I'm hoping we can deliver a staging environment by Monday Dec 2.


On Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 10:10 AM, Chris Karlof <ckarlof at> wrote:

> On Nov 6, 2013, at 5:20 AM, Lloyd Hilaiel <lhilaiel at> wrote:
> On Nov 5, 2013, at 11:40 PM, Ryan Kelly <rfkelly at> wrote:
> (thanks everyone for tolerating my interruption and getting me up to speed
> on the thinking.  Is it worth a FxA deployment wiki that always has the
> latest deployment approach for involved components and next steps, so I
> need not ping via email?  Am I adding busy work when you guys actually like
> getting emails from me :P )
> Ryan set  a pretty high bar with documenting the deployment planning
> during Q3:
> Gene and Benson, could put something together (maybe extended what Ryan
> started) that shines more light on the FxA DevOps roadmap for Q4->Q1?
> I don't "AttachedServices" is right place for it end up, but it's a fine
> place to start.
> -chris

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