ideas and exploration on b2g w.r.t processes

Lloyd Hilaiel lhilaiel at
Thu Nov 14 14:39:35 PST 2013

I’ve slowly been stealing time to write up some explorations into the wild and wonderful world of b2g.  Figured I’d share it all here:

Nuwa awesomeness, hopefully landing in time for 1.3:

Ideas around low memory killing parameters to gain 10 mb: 

Features for b2g-info:
* Handle parens in process names:
* Output PPID:
* Output CPU time used:

The last feature there might be useful for measuring the cost of our crypto shit in a robust manner (process utime + stime rather than wall).  Build yourself a fancy version of b2g-info and enjoy!

Explorations into process launch order in the face of Nuwa to get back another 10mb:

Final bit that I’ll do is write up instructions for how to turn your ZTE open into a great developer device, then hang up this freaky-friday-on-the-off-hours stuff.

hope this is interesting,

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