renaming Firefox-Accounts repos

Peter deHaan pdehaan at
Thu Nov 14 11:57:33 PST 2013

Do we need to update any Travis settings?
For example, has a broken Travis badge up top which takes me to which says "The repository at mozilla/firefox-account-bridge was not found."

I can do PRs to fix the badges, but I'm not sure if I should change any .travis.yml files while I'm at it and update `git clone git://`.


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I just learned about a fifth repo, named "gherkin", which is a
replacement for the soon-to-be-obsolete "picl-gherkin". So the actual
list of renamings is as follows:

 * firefox-account-bridge => fxa-content-server
 * scrypt-helper          => fxa-scrypt-helper
 * picl-idp               => fxa-auth-server
 * picl-gherkin           => fxa-js-client-old
 * gherkin                => fxa-js-client

Renaming is now complete. Feel free to update your fork names and local
checkout remote URLs.


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