renaming Firefox-Accounts repos

Brian Warner warner at
Thu Nov 14 11:13:31 PST 2013

I'm just about to rename four Firefox-Accounts -related github
repositories, moving away from the old "PiCL"-based names. The changes

* firefox-account-bridge => fxa-content-server
* scrypt-helper          => fxa-scrypt-helper
* picl-idp               => fxa-auth-server
* picl-gherkin           => fxa-js-client

github does the Right Thing when you rename a repo: they provide HTTP
redirects and git-pull forwardings, so your local bookmarks and clones
will keep working. You should eventually update your bookmarks, and
update your clones to point to the new repo with a command like this:

 git remote set-url origin

Forks are modified to point to the new upstream name, but forks
themselves are *not* renamed. So if your personal github account
includes a fork of one of these repos, to avoid confusion you might want
to rename it too (look in the "Admin" tab on your personal github repo).
But it's not mandatory: you can still submit pull requests/etc from your
"picl-idp" repo to the upstream "fxa-auth-server" repo, even though they
have different names.

We have a growing collection of obsolete repos, many with prefixes like
"picl-", "gombot-", "myfx-", and "browserid-". We haven't really decided
what to do about them.. maybe move them into a different "attic"
account, or rename them to add an "old-" prefix. But the rough goal is
that anything with an "fxa-" prefix should be an actively-developed
codebase that has something to do with Firefox Accounts.

Let me know if you see any misbehaviors,

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