nuwa - process size reduction on b2g

Fabrice Desré fabrice at
Wed Nov 13 09:19:54 PST 2013

Hey Lloyd,

On 11/13/2013 08:23 AM, Lloyd Hilaiel wrote:
> Disclaimer: this is all hopeful future rumination, and changes nothing w.r.t to our initial strategy for landing FxA on FirefoxOS in the 1.3 timeframe. I feel like this is important work with important implications, so I’m detailing it here.
> So I was able to see this magic, and it was inspiring.  Basically when Nuwa lands (target looks to be 1.3) we’re going to see 3x faster app startup and 66% memory usage.  This means a little tiny bare Firefox Accounts process would live in 6.3mb of USS and spawn in half a second.

I don't know how you measured your startup time, but the 1900ms you
mention in the bug seems pretty bogus to me. The template app on
currently starts in about ~200ms. I'd love to see a 3x speedup but I
won't hold my breath on it ;) We have a potential improvement coming in
that may save a few tens of ms but that has nothing to do with nuwa

The memory savings are in line with the expectations though.

Fabrice Desré
b2g team
Mozilla Corporation

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