schedule and micro update

Jed Parsons jparsons at
Tue Nov 12 07:08:31 PST 2013

Hi, all,

We have a very aggressive schedule [1] with the following targeted for this week:

 - Nov 13 (tomorrow) Final UX
 - Nov 13 Reviewers selected and notified for all gecko and gaia code
 - Nov 14 Alpha build
 - Nov 15 Outstanding questions answered; only execution remaining

With the alpha build, we should be able to start the sign-up flow, and get our the plumbing working well enough that we can at least initiate the account creation flow on the picl-idp server [2].  It doesn't have to work perfectly.  The purpose is to begin fitting all the pieces together so they begin talking to each other.

Yesterday was quite productive:

Shane and Olav have basic transitions and lazy-loading of JS.  Working on l10n.  Code is on their branch, with a thorough review by Borja. [2]

They need their code hooked up to the IAC client now.

Zach and Sam and Fernando have been working on a refactor of FxAccounts.jsm that does not rely on FxAccountsClient.  [3, 4]

We are also working on a b2g-specific adapter for FxAccounts.

As we start putting the pieces together, we run the risk of stepping on each other's toes a bit.  Be sure to be in close contact with the person who is working on the code that your code needs to talk to.





[4] FxAccounts.jsm

[5] FxAccountsClient.jsm

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