Firefox Accounts client, storage, and HAWK

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Hi, all,

Yesterday, Brian Warner generalized the Firefox Accounts client, storage, and HAWK elements so they should work for both desktop Firefox and FirefoxOS.  Brian enthusiastically wrote:

> I'm able to connect to the picl-idp dev server and create+sync an account. Yay!

Got that?  The code works against a live backend to create and sync an account.  It is amazing how quickly Brian got this worked out for us, and glorious that he could do it before departing to a conference and some days of time-off.  Thank you Brian for all your work in the past few days to support us all.

Today we got this code rebased, diffed, and applied against latest m-c.  The patch is attached to bug 935232 [1].

All the services tests pass green on my local build, and tbpl looks good so far [2].

Put another way, Hallelujah.

So let's start integrating the next level up in the architecture.  w00t!

(Note that the tests for test_account need to be augmented with a mock http server.  I'm happy to this.  Literally happy.  For now, the test in question is commented out.)

Cheers, and have an excellent week-end,

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