Firefox Accounts DevOps next steps for November

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Mon Nov 4 11:09:51 PST 2013

We have RDS working on a few things, ie: the Location project. 
Not much that I know of other than that. 

If we want multi-region failover, we'll have to figure out what we really expect. If we can't make it happen w/ RDS, we can run MySQL ourselves, or maybe a fork of it with more replication features. 

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> Hi, 
> I think the first step is figuring out what things look like from a high level: 

I see that you're proposing RDS as our MySQL deployment.

1) What's our general experience with RDS?
2) I don't think multi-region operation is a requirement for us at the moment, but it might be in the future. Can we continue to use RDS (which doesn't support multi-region repl), say by replicating to our own MySQL instances in other regions [1], or would we migrate away from RDS?



> Then we can create the cloudformations. Let's stick w/ JSON. 
> Then we can craft the puppet stuff, scripts to build RPMs, etc. 
> There are a few goals I would like to do w/ FxA. I'm very flexible on these and willing 
> to let them slide to get the app live (first priority).
> - empower Devs/QA to be able to deploy their own stacks at specific versions of the source.
> - use a svc. ops shared service, heka? statsd? something
> - integrate deeper w/ StackDriver. Perhaps even NewRelic's node.js client (if it's good enough)
> - use Simple Work Flow + web interface for a GUI based deploy. Persona access controlled.
> I'm mostly done w/ the Telemetry guy's ops. More accurately, they not blocked on ops stuff right now so this is my main focus. 
> Let's set up a meeting time next week to go over architecture w/ Ryan? 
> Ben
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> Now that the MySQL connector code has been landed in the API Server for
> Firefox Accounts we (Services Ops) should be clear to assemble the
> provisioning for Firefox Accounts. I've begun work on the
> CloudFormation/Cumulus environment provisioning code.
> Benson, would it make sense for you to start on the masterless Puppet
> provisioning code for the API Server at this point? I suspect that the lion
> share of the provisioning behavior needed is represented in Ryan's bash
> scripts here (
> ).
> Ryan, can you give some more details on which of those scripts come into
> play on the API server and in what order?
> -Gene
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