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John Gruen jgruen at
Mon Nov 4 11:20:43 PST 2013

I tend to agree with Chris + Ryan. In terms of design, we may want to consider doing two views:

-a catchall responsive view for android, desktop and miscellaneous user agents. 
-a view that's served when the user agent is FFOS. Since web views in FFOS will be served primarily from settings (see my settings flows in bug 905637), we should match the phone's native CSS on these views. 

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Hi Lloyd, 

Very early, but thoughts? I will be meeting with Chris today to develop further. Hopefully can be more than a one-feature site to change the account password (which can also be done with a reset view). 

For an MVP, it's fine for to be a "one feature site". In fact, it shouldn't be a "site" at all, in the sense that I don't think should be destination, but instead just enables login/sign up to support Mozilla relying properties via ping-pong-y flows. 

We can make it awesome later, but for now let's get the simplest thing that lets the users of consumer facing Mozilla relier properties log in with one account. 


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On Nov 4, 2013, at 10:04 AM, Lloyd Hilaiel < lhilaiel at > wrote: 

In discussions in madrid and over the past couple weeks, it’s becoming increasingly clear that we will have to host web based resources for various parts of the sign-up flows we’re implementing. 

This is some squishy work that will cut across multiple efforts. I’m curious if anyone has started trying to aggregate all of the different screens that will need to be web hosted across sync and fxa on fxos to figure out the best way to host all this jelly. From software layout to url strategy… 

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