Firefox Accounts DevOps next steps for November

Benson Wong bwong at
Fri Nov 1 16:56:31 PDT 2013


I think the first step is figuring out what things look like from a high level:

Then we can create the cloudformations. Let's stick w/ JSON. 
Then we can craft the puppet stuff, scripts to build RPMs, etc. 

There are a few goals I would like to do w/ FxA. I'm very flexible on these and willing 
to let them slide to get the app live (first priority).

- empower Devs/QA to be able to deploy their own stacks at specific versions of the source.
- use a svc. ops shared service, heka? statsd? something
- integrate deeper w/ StackDriver. Perhaps even NewRelic's node.js client (if it's good enough)
- use Simple Work Flow + web interface for a GUI based deploy. Persona access controlled.

I'm mostly done w/ the Telemetry guy's ops. More accurately, they not blocked on ops stuff right now so this is my main focus. 

Let's set up a meeting time next week to go over architecture w/ Ryan? 


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Now that the MySQL connector code has been landed in the API Server for
Firefox Accounts we (Services Ops) should be clear to assemble the
provisioning for Firefox Accounts. I've begun work on the
CloudFormation/Cumulus environment provisioning code.

Benson, would it make sense for you to start on the masterless Puppet
provisioning code for the API Server at this point? I suspect that the lion
share of the provisioning behavior needed is represented in Ryan's bash
scripts here ( ).

Ryan, can you give some more details on which of those scripts come into
play on the API server and in what order?


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